Trustees’s Report Oct 22 to Sept 23


The Ethiopia Medical Project has had a busy and satisfying year which has not been without its challenges.

Fortunately travel restrictions were lifted and the founders were able to visit on two occasions over the reporting period.

On the February visit we were accompanied by a volunteer doctor who was a terrific asset.

The region is still plagued by the effects of war and famine in other areas of the country.

Price inflation affects everything that we and the Health Centre are doing.

After doing some valuable work for us, our Trust Officer decided to pursue work in another area.

We are grateful for her endeavours.

We have another person who is willing to do this work as a volunteer.

Our areas  of concern continue to be:

  • Women’s health
  • Maternity care
  • Podoconiosis
  • General running, and upkeep of The health Centre.
  • The encouragement and retention of the staff

In October 22 we made an extra visit to the project as we had missed out due to Covid.

As previously stated the Podoconiosis Building was well on its way to completion and the container had arrived to great acclaim and excitement.

We left with the promise to return in February in order to get back into our sequence of visits and to see the acceptable completion of the Podoconiosis building.

This was vital for the satisfaction of our donor.  Sanitation and electrical fittings all had to be fitted  and plentiful snaggings.

Apart from making allowances for the rural location of the health centre, we are delighted with the outcome.

On our return in February  we were accompanied by a volunteer doctor who was of tremendous value in differentiating the various ailments of the Podoconiosis patients.

Some receive just the basic treatment but others required treatment for fungal infection and others wound treatment.

He was also able to help and advice in the Out Patient Department where he witnessed multiple conditions including burns, hyena bites, malaria and typhoid to name but a few.

We also realized that the building was too big for one purpose and so several of the rooms have been repurposed for the residential care of the Prolapse Mothers too unwell to go to hospital for their surgical repair. Buccama Health Centre did not have the funds for the cost care of these women and so we applied for and got funds from Festival Medical Services who allocated £10,000 for this purpose. Our senior nurse Fellaketch is to supervise this programme.


  • 152 Clients using pessaries
  • 120 referred to hospital  for surgery
  • Approximately 3 patients per week staying in the reserved room getting food and medical help in preparation for surgery.

During the February visit, we embarked on the planning of the new maternity wing. A designer was called in and the position was plotted. This project is also to be funded by our generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Three tenders were sought and the most sensible and practical was accepted. Worked started in… and we expect to see completion in February ‘24.

Green Card System:

Funding was also sought from the Helmsley Trust for the buying of Green Cards which provides families for a sort of primitive health insurance.

The idea being the poor families who cannot afford the EB400 will be given the money by the HC and then the HC can claim the treatment expenses back from the Government. This process takes between 6  and 12 months.

The biggest challenge we face is the constant search for a steady flow of funds  from generous donors.

We have regular meetings and give frequent talks to assorted groups of people in order to keep EMP in the minds of our present and potential supporters.

Future Plans and Challenges;

  • To firm up a succession planning.
  • To see the Maternity Wing completed
  • To encourage the HC to seek support from the Ethiopian Government