Bafitte Bassa

After giving birth to eight children in her home, Bafitte suffered from a uterine vaginal prolapse (UVP). The discomfort and shame prevented her from being able to work, go to public places, or even sit down properly. Her husband told her to leave their home as he didn’t want to be near her and went on to marry another woman. Bafitte endured pain for three years without seeking any medical treatment due to shame and lack of awareness. All this suffering and trauma caused Bafitte to fall into a deep depression that led her to become suicidal.

Then a woman came to Bafitte’s house and asked her why her husband had married another woman. Bafitte explained how she was suffering, and the woman then told her about the work of EMP at the Buccama Health Centre. Bafitte travelled to Buccama immediately, where she received treatment and met Jo and Maureen for the first time. Following the necessary initial treatment at Buccama Health Centre, EMP was then able to arrange for Bafitte to go to the nearby hospital for surgery.

Post-surgery, Bafitte now lives a very happy and fulfilling life, she is working again and has reunited with her husband. She is very grateful for the life-saving treatment she received from EMP.