Sister Haimanot’s speech for Opening Ceremony

Dear Friends

Welcome to Buccama, We are delighted to see you here and we thank God that you made the time to come and visit us .

I truly cannot thank you enough for your generous gift of our very important buildings.

The Podoconiosis Clinic has been running to great effect for a year now. Many many people speak of how their feet and legs are improving. At the moment we are seeing and treating 500 people a week. Their lives are being changed.

In this  rural area there are many challenges for mothers and children in their journey from pregnancy to childbirth. Helping them is one of our main roles here.

In Ethiopian culture, carrying a baby is a mother’s responsibility. Our aim is to help her with that responsibility.

Buccama Catholic Health Centre has been working hard since its establishment to provide basic health services to the needy and poor community in this area, especially mothers and children. The dedicated professional staff and the religious sisters all work towards this end. We couldn’t do it without your help.

Your support allows us to continue to minimize the challenges and to maximise the hopes of the mothers during pregnancy and child birth.

People like you, truly make a difference in the world and we are very grateful. We appreciate each and everyone of you and wouldn’t be where we are without your support.

On behalf of all the people that we serve ,and on our own behalf, I would like once again to thank you for your commitment in supporting us through  The Ethiopia Medical Project and Brilliant Outcomes.

We are always with you in our prayers. God Bless You