More news from Buccama

The visitors arrived. John and Marion Pennie.  They were thrilled and overwhelmed with the progress that has been made in the health Centre. We can hardly believe it ourselves.

They were allowed to get their breath for an hour or so before they toured the new set up of the Podoconiosis and Maternity Units.

A wonderful space had been cleared and these two units face each other resplendent in their blue and cream colours. They look beautiful and are performing their intended function to great effect.

The podoconiosis patients get the respect they deserve by washing their feet in clean fresh water and getting the correct treatment for their ailing feet and legs.

The prolapse mothers are getting the treatment and respite that they need before their surgical procedure in the American Christian Hospital (Thank you Dr Mark and his team )

And the new mothers are getting a splendid service while they give birth to their precious babies.

Now the mothers can rest confortably before and after giving birth and they can have a warm shower which was previously not possible.

The opening ceremony was grand. Preparation was meticulous. There were speeches. There were blessings. There was food and there was dancing .

Happiness and joy all round.

Leaving Buccama is the hardest thing we do all year. The long tortuous drive back to Addis. The re entry into the material world and the saying good bye to dear dear friends for another year.

The work goes on to keep this fabulous place going.