One Mother’s Story

‘My Name is Ayelech Chogore, I am living in Zagaro Village, I am 32 and had three children. All of them died, and I remain alone. My life was becoming miserable, due to my sickness. My husband, friends and relatives left me alone, and my social interaction spoiled and I am becoming very poor. . After I got the help through the Sisters (at the Buccama Clinic), thanks to God all things are solved which I did not expect throughout my life. I am now becoming a human being. When they told me I am going for the operation I did not expect that I will be back home alive. My wish is now to form a family and to have a child and to lead my life like other women. My wish is to tell others women who had the same problems like me to go to that blessed place called Buccama. The most things I missed in my life is my husband, social interaction, friends and my children which I will forgive but not forget. Finally I like to thanks Buccama clinic and our respected sponsor for their unforgettable help.’