The Container Has Arrived!

A shipping container full of medical kit, new shoes and toys have now arrived in Buccama in Ethiopia.

The delivery has been made possible thanks to a partnership between EMP and two respected businesses; Clyde based marine engineering experts the Malin Group and international logistics company, Bertling Logistics. Both businesses volunteered their time and resources needed to send the supplies many miles across land and sea to the gates of the Health Centre in Buccama.

The Malin Group carried out the heavy lift operations involved in getting the container on and off the water, with Bertling safely and securely managing the rest of the journey. Rapid Export and Clyde Corrosion have also provided invaluable support through the wrapping and packing of the resources, and painting of the container, respectively.

Co-founder of EMP Maureen Burnett MBE, from Glasgow, said:

“This delivery has made a massive impact and brought a huge amount of joy to the staff and people supported by the Buccama Health Centre. Jo and I are very grateful to everyone involved for their time, energy and donations.”