EMP Presents: Footnotes of an Adventurer

With the possible exception of Sir David Attenborough, that was the best lecture, and the longest applause that I have heard in the past 15 years.

President of the Royal Geographical Society

Well, that says it all really! How many charismatic, inspirational, yet completely down to earth winners of the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award you know? Yep, we’re the same! Alastair Humphreys is a one off and we are delighted, in fact, thrilled that he’s agreed to give an online talk in aid of EMP. Despite his many achievements, Alastair believes there’s an adventurer in us all and the only thing holding us back is taking that first brave step.

Talking of brave steps, that brings us neatly to our latest quest for help here at EMP. Thanks to your amazing support the Buccama Health Centre has been able to make some incredible progress with our campaign to prevent and treat mothers with Uterine Prolapse. But the Health Centre is now dealing with the more widespread condition called podoconiosis, or simply Podo. This painful, deforming condition is a form of elephantiasis which develops in the feet due to contact with the local soil.

Podo can be treated using soap, water and wearing shoes. That would solve the problem for many. With your help and support, we can go a long way to helping the people affected.

We are being supported by the walking and cycling travel company Follow The Camino to bring you ‘Footnotes of an Adventurer’ with Alastair Humphreys. All proceeds go to EMP and each ticket comes with a 50 Euro travel voucher for Follow The Camino or its sister company One Foot Abroad.

So we’d love it if you can join us on Thursday 16 July at 8pm – all ticket details here.

As Alastair would attest, don’t be afraid to take that first step…we’re sure you won’t regret it!

Until next time!

Jo and Maureen xxx