2016 Visit to Buccama

Buccama Day 1 

The journey from Addis to Buccama was the longest and most tedious of all the times we have travelled here. Sister travelled in the back of the pickup with Maureen and I squeezed in beside Tariko.

We were advised to take the Hosanna Road as there is fighting and hi- jacking going on on the shorter route. The road was so bumpy that our fit bits registers 10,000 steps whilst on the journey!

Our welcome last evening when we arrived in the dark was as joyous and overwhelming as ever.

Indeed the signs were the best yet, we would love to keep them.

We were given bunches of leaves and a thousand hugs.

Then into the relative calm of the convent.

It so fells like home albeit a completely different type of home from the one we know in Scotland.

Our room is festoon with flowers and electricity seems to be working.

There is even an internet signal from time to time. Amazing.


Day 2 Sunday

Awoke to the cockerel greeting the day with beautiful sunshine and sounds of a very different world.

Addis is so dusty and built up and unattractive despite its famed growth. But here we are in the depths of the country with only the sounds of nature and soft light.

A day of rest today which will give us a chance to sort out the bags which we got safely through customs with any hassles which is another first for us.


Day 3

Who were we kidding?

The day did start a little slowly although Maureen and I didn’t get much sleep , but there was no good reason just excitement and delight at being welcomed so warmly to a place that we have come to regard as a second home.

After breakfast we did in fact set to in organising the stuff we had brought. Baby clothes( more needed), clothing for older children and for adults, medical kit and goodies for treats.

We went to the rather special Mass which runs considerably longer than masses at home and we were sad to hear this huge congregation being ticked off for the people who weren’t there!

During the Mass, we knew there was a baby on the way. We headed straight up to the labour suite and managed to assist at yet another birth. There was real anxiety as the little one didn’t respond well after birth and the Mother was very distressed and slow to deliver the placenta . We could help thinking about all the episodes of Call the Midwife we had watched. This was real life and real action and every birth is an exciting marvellous miracle. The baby was called Maureen.

Straight from there up to the dormitories and and living space of the UVP mothers. More singing , hugs and celebration and dishing out of the substantial but basic food. We always marvel at the skill of the staff who produce these meals and the women who wait patiently for everyone to have their food before they start there own.There must have been at least 60 women there. Not to mention the 10 or so about to deliver mothers and the sundray children who are generally around.

Lunch was eventually served in the convent at two. The rest of the day passed gently. We both did our 10,000 steps!